Saltwater Disposal Management

We offer quality crews that provide 24 hour watch 365 days a year on your saltwater disposal. Monitoring offloads, PLCs, Injection Pumps, reporting, light maintenance or any other needs you may have. We build site specified spreadsheets to record and calculate the various gauges monitored, including; barrels trucked, pipeline barrels, injection pump flowrates, etc. Crews walk sites and lines frequently each hour looking for leaks, and verifying chemical pumps are working properly. They also monitor truck drivers to ensure they are watching pumps while they’re offloading and that their tickets match the barrels offloaded. Our crews understand how disposals run and can gather any other information needed, change filters, clean and keep salt build up off of equipment.

Along with crews that remain on one disposal hours, we also offer crews that can run saltwater routes. These crews change filters as needed, clean and monitor sites, collect tickets, record chemical levels, monitor well heads, and run daily reports that can be tailored to company needs.

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