Saltwater Disposal Management

We offer quality crews that provide 24 hour watch 365 days a year on your saltwater disposal. Monitoring offloads, PLCs, Injection Pumps, reporting, light maintenance or any other needs you may have. We build site specified spreadsheets to record and calculate the various gauges monitored, including; barrels trucked, pipeline barrels, injection pump flowrates, etc. Crews walk sites and lines frequently each hour looking for leaks, and verifying chemical pumps are working properly. They also monitor truck drivers to ensure they are watching pumps while they’re offloading and that their tickets match the barrels offloaded. Our crews understand how disposals run and can gather any other information needed, change filters, clean and keep salt build up off of equipment.

Along with crews that remain on one disposal hours, we also offer crews that can run saltwater routes. These crews change filters as needed, clean and monitor sites, collect tickets, record chemical levels, monitor well heads, and run daily reports that can be tailored to company needs.


At Dupree Oilfield Services, LLC we offer professional, experienced contract pumpers that will keep your sites and production running smoothly. With in-depth understanding of production sites and equipment, our pumpers can run routes with multiple sites and preform maintenance on equipment as needed; including: dumps, leaks, changing valves, restart pumping units (Pumpjacks, ESP’s, Jetpumps, and Gas Lift’s ), setting treater levels, etc. They can also run needed reports on oil, salt water, and gas production. As well as over see opening new sites and diagnosing problems on locations. Our pumpers are able to monitor well head pressures, treater and seperator pressures, tank switches, coordinate trucks, and any other general site operations. We offer pumpers for both day and night services.

Treater Watch

Our crews are experienced and can monitor sites with your needs. We are knowledgeable with treaters and seperators and can monitor pressures regularly, watching for spikes or drops as wells are coming on. We also do regular leak checks during each hour to find and report any issues that arise. We can also build site specified spreadsheets to record data.


Dupree Oilfield Services, LLC prides itself on safety and excellence in service. Our experienced Roustabouts provide services in setting tank batteries, Pumping units, LACT’s, Steel buildings, Treaters, We will plumb in all equipment and pressure test upon completion to ensure safety.


No job too big, no job too small when it comes to your Hydrovac needs. Our truck and crew can handle it all. We are proud to offer our specialized services for your non-destructive excavation or clean up needs. We provide the following…

  • General Cleaning Services
  • Tank & Pipeline Cleaning
  • High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Trenching
  • Utility/pipe exposure

Hydrovac is the safest for those sensitive areas around equipment and places that traditional mechanical excavating comes short. Our equipment with it’s high pressure water system and high powered vac system can handle a variety of task making it perfect for your needs.

Pipeline Inspection

Dupree offers pipeline compliance inspectors who are trained and ready to assist in ensuring that your company’s pipeline construction and repair projects adhere to all State and Federal regulations as well as your company’s safety standards. We ensure that employees, contractors, and subcontractors are in compliance with Customer Qualifications and have all required certifications, PPE, and equipment. We work with on-site personnel and other appropriate parties as needed to review and address pipeline quality issues and non-conformances as well as identify, report and correct safety and environmental concerns. We also attend project planning and pre-construction meetings to ensure service that is tailored to fit the needs of your company. Our attention to detail helps create site specific procedures to keep your employees and contractors safe while they work. We prepare and maintain all necessary documentation, drawings, and record keeping as requested including daily activity and material reports, SDS, and JSAs.